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The ESS Network Team:

Tim Hannan, M.Sc. Ottawa Canada - Environmental Project Management, Integrated Water Resource Management

Roger Carrington, M.Sc. Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago - Industrial Engineer and Environmental Law Specialist

Brian Dunlop MEng CEng MCIWEM, London, England - Environmental engineering and inter-disciplinary sustainable development

Glenroy Ennis, M.Sc. Kingston, Jamaica - Agronomist, Agricultural Economics and Soil Science

Regan Damron, MA, Ph.D., Athens, GA, USA - Social Science Statistics and Comparative Methodologies

Maia Ochigava, M.Sc., Tbilisi, Georgia - Environmental Management, Social Assessment and NonGovernmental Organizations

Penda Shimali, Windhoek, Namibia - Biodiversity Management and Eco Tourism

Bill Patrick, Athens, GA, USA - Environmental and Energy Efficiency and Technology

Teyyub Ismayilov, Baku, Azerbaijan - Local Stakeholder Specialist, Social Assessment Specialist

External Senior Advisor:

Anatoly Pichugin, Ph.D., Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Region - Project Management and Integrated Water Resource Management


Getting to know us:

We are a team of interdisciplinary professionals with a wide range of experiences in addressing environmental challenges that incorporate sound social, political and economic analysis to ensure that the human side of the equation is factored into the successful solutions. Our team builds on our expertise as members work on projects in groups and individually. We welcome your inquiries about our services and availability.

Who we are:

Mary M. Matthews, Ph.D.

CEO and Founder

EcoSocial Solutions

Expertise In:

  1. Strategic Environmental Assessment

  2. Environmental Policy Analysis and Strategy Development

  3. Integrated Water Resource Management

  4. Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

  5. Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement

  6. Institutional Design

  7. Green Building Strategies

  8. Water Nexus Approaches

More about

Mary M. Matthews


We welcome you to get to know our team members, visit our individual pages, and download our CVs.

We build solutions with the people who need them