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Dr. Vahagn Tonoyan, MA, Ph.D. has ten years of experience in international development projects in the South Caucasus and in the United States. His area of specialization includes international environmental policy, climate change, water resources management, water supply and discharge, implementation of the EU WFD, development of strategic plans for water resources and environmental issues, and the implementation and management of these activities in coordination with counterpart agencies and donors. In recent years, he has provided consulting services to USAID, UNDP, GEF, UN ECE, JICA, OSCE, ENVSEC and others as a national consultant for various water-related projects. With great appreciation for the social side of successful environmental resource management, he works diligently to support including human aspects in project implementation.

Roger Carrington, B.Sc., M.Sc., R.Eng., has a wide and diverse experience in the environmental sector. His extensive work as an Environmental Specialist and Registered Industrial Engineer has been supplemented by his contributions as a member of The Environmental Commission of Trinidad and Tobago, the Superior Court of Record for resolving environmental litigation. His work as an international consultant spans more than 20 years and includes substantial work throughout Southern Africa, Europe and North America, advising governments, business and industries on environmental issues. Roger has wide ranging experience guiding environmental impact assessments, providing both technical expertise and project management. He is trained in mediation for environmental issues and environmental policy. He lectures on industrial management strategies, environmental management and policy, development and implementation of international environmental agreements. His knowledge of state of the art industrial technologies for improved environmental stewardship combined with his experience in environmental management policies puts him in high demand both nationally and internationally. 

Glenroy Ennis, B.Sc., M.Sc., is an Agricultural Economist and rural development specialist. He has more than 15 years working experience in agricultural business development, predominantly with sustainable and rural development programs for multiple international organizations. His applied experience includes strategic planning, policy formulation and analysis; proposal writing, project appraisal and management; feasibility studies and financial analyses, focusing primarily on tropical agricultural enterprises and rural development. He has a wealth of knowledge of tropical agriculture in the English and Spanish speaking Caribbean pertaining to crop, livestock, agro forestry and specialist production systems, as well as the micro and macroeconomic economic characteristics of the region. His work includes project in Canada developing employment and recruitment opportunities for individuals of diverse ethnicities and a study of the domestic crop sector in Jamaica where he assessed the connections of various stakeholders along the value chain. He spearheaded the agricultural component of a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the National Adaptation Strategy for the sugar sector in Trinidad and Tobago, commissioned by the European Union.

Regan Damron, MA, Ph.D. Candidate, is a social science statistical wizard who only uses his powers for good. Skilled in computer programming, he uses programs and environments such as Stata, HLM, R, WinBUGS, TSP, and SPSS to seek answers to questions posed as part of the Eco Social Solutions research. He is capable of making sense out of huge pools of data and explains it quickly and easily. Regan is completing his Ph.D. in International Affairs at UGA, and is focusing on issues of social trust and multi ethnic societies. His background also includes project management and IT consulting, experience that continues to serve him well in his capacity with ESS . Regan has been supporting the team with Eco Social Solutions for 5 years with his amazing talents. His regional expertise includes East Asia, Europe and Romulus.

Malkhaz Adeishvili, M.Sc. is a specialist in environmental management and environmental policy development with about 15 years working experience in this field. Worked in different high positions in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Georgia including departments of International Relations, Environmental Policy, Environmental Economics, and Projects Coordination. He has experience in developing environmental policies and strategies, participated in and led a number of policy development processes such as National Environmental Action Program, Poverty Reduction Strategy and Millennium Development Goals of Georgia. His background includes expertise in designing environmental policy instruments, including economic instruments and financing mechanisms. He has been trained in total economic valuation at the World Bank Institute. He has broad experience working with international donors and financial institutions, including the World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, OECD. He contributes to the mission of Eco Social Solution by combining regional expertise with the importance of including economic considerations in successful integrated natural resource management.

Penda Shimali, a natural resource expert in Namibia provides analysis, logistical support as well as keen insights to the social trends in Southern Africa. Penda works with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, holds a Diploma in Environmental Management, and manages two national game parks in his spare time.  He has experience  in education and awareness building of environmental and ecosystem issues for a wide range of stakeholders, including children, adults, tourists, and those without formal education. He has worked professionally to facilitate meetings with broad coalitions of communities to discuss natural resource and livelihood management options, including translation and summation of varying positions. He also works with indigenous communities to build based resource tourism and income generation programs, with awareness of natural resource preservation. Penda speaks 5 languages, and also acts as a safari guide for tourist from Europe, American and Asia.

Bill Patrick is the Computer Guru Extraordinaire. For over 20 years he’s been at the leading edge of keeping computer users sane and their machines working happily. He provides management support, infrastructure advice and general good will to the team of Eco Social Solutions. He has expertise in environmental building, using technology for environmental management and increasing energy efficiency of modern technology. His patience and support is always greatly appreciated.

Teyyub Ismayilov is a stakeholder consultant in Azerbaijan. He has worked with the Eco Social Solutions team since 2004, and provides key cultural and logistic support. His work has been hailed as state of the art by UNDP/GEF and World Bank. He has also worked with USAID Rural Development Projects. His inputs to Eco Social Solutions re-emphasize the importance of local knowledge in solving global problems.

External Senior Advisor

Dr. Anatoly A. Pichugin, Ph.D. AMIEMA, was formerly Market Sector Manager and Principal Environmental Scientist of Halcrow Group Ltd. He has 20+ years diverse experience of working as a consultant in the field of environmental and water management including 15+ years experience as a leader and coordinator of complex multi-stakeholder driven projects funded by major international donors and various private clients. He has extensive experience in business development and project implementation in UK and overseas including Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh. He has advanced team management expertise combined with strong leadership skills and proven capabilities in successful project delivery and building good working relationships with stakeholders. His project experience includes institutional capacity building, strategy development, water basin management, integrated pollution prevention and control, environmental management and audit, environmental impact assessment and contaminated land. As a physical scientist and an experienced project manager, his in-kind  advisory support to Eco Social Solutions include a fine appreciation for the critical role that stakeholder involvement plays successful and sustainable natural resource management project implementation.

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The Mission of EcoSocial Solutions is to provide practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges of environmental management. We help resource users to understand the nature of the challenges they face and empower them to find common interests and incentives for collaboration in sustainable integrated natural resource management.


Maia Ochigava, M.Sc., is trained in environmental management and over the past 13 years she has worked in the Governmental, NGO, and International Donor sector. Her work has included providing support to international ozone and river basin management projects, building public awareness through environmental educations and community building. She as significant experience with environmental management, project administration and coordination of multiple project stakeholders. She has experience with developing databases for baseline data and monitoring and evaluations, Her work with the Government of the Republic of Georgia includes serving as an Expert for the Ministry of Environment and as a Liaison with the Ministry of Education. In addition to her project management experience, she has professional familiarity with management and reporting protocols of UN Organizations, World Bank, multiple Ministries of Georgia, OSCE and SIDA and other donor organizations.