Sustainable strategies for a changing environment


Dr. Mary M. Matthews, MA, Ph.D. has enjoyed working with stakeholders to manage environmental concern around the world to address the challenges of our changing climate. Her specialization in social and environmental sciences brings interests of diverse groups of people to sustainable natural resource management through Institutional Design, Strategic Environmental Assessments, Stakeholder Analysis, Socio-economic Analysis and Policy Review. Her work has been included in National Action Plans, Project Design and Implementation, Climate Change Adaptation Strategies, Integrated Water Resource Management Strategies, and Strategic Environmental Action Plans. She has worked in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, and Latin America, for the EU, EBRD, UNDP/GEF, WorldBank/IFC, USAID, US Millennium Challenge Corporation, and private clients.

Dr. Mary M. Matthews holds a Ph.D. in Political Science focusing on Environmental Policy, International Relations, and Comparative Political Economy from UGA. She holds a Graduate Certificate in Principles of Conservation and Sustainable Development from the UGA Institute of Ecology (non-thesis Masters equivalent). She holds Masters in Political Science focusing on International Relations and Comparative Politics from UGA. She earned a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, with a minor in Biology from Earlham College. She is also a Certified Mediator in Alternative Dispute Resolution.