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Selected Current and Recent Projects:

UNDP-GEF International Waters Project “Reducing Transboundary Degradation in the Kura Aras River Basin

Multi-Sector Environmental Impact Survey for Industrial Development, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Eastern Nile River Joint Multipurpose Project, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Transboundary Institutional Analysis, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan

EU Multi Sector Strategic Environmental Assessment on Sugar Adaptation, Strategy in Trinidad & Tobago

EBRD Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Black Sea Energy Transmission System,

Republic of Georgia

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2016 - 2018 commitments

As the rate of climate change increases, humans will find solutions to the impacts, and we must learn from each other how to adapt to these changes. Successful strategies and solutions for sustainable development require linkages between social, economic and environmental conditions. Consultants with EcoSocial Solutions maintain an excellent record for combining the interests of governments, diverse stakeholders and economic realities in a changing environment for successful natural resource management strategies. We listen to the specific needs of our clients and tailor our solutions to match these needs.

We build solutions with the people who need them.

We provide our clients with:

  1.   Strategic Environmental Assessments

  2.   Climate Change Adaptation

  3.   Integrated Water Resource Management

  4.   Stakeholder analysis, and socio-economic evaluation

  5.   Agriculture and Rural Development

  6.   Sustainable Transboundary Resource Management

  7.   Water Nexus applications

  8.   Capacity Building and Training for all level stakeholders

Our strategies are practical, case specific, cost-effective. We are expertly trained and widely experienced in both environmental and social sciences for natural resource management, strategic assessment and climate change adaptation. Our wide global experience compliments the local knowledge of specific conditions. We share experiences for sustainable integrated natural resource management throughout the world, and empower people with their own environmental solutions.

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