Sustainable strategies for a changing environment


Tim Hannan, BA., M.Sc. is a water resources engineer specializing in water management, water governance and climate change adaptation. He has over 20 years’ experience in Asia and Africa in all aspects of water resources work, from hydrology and groundwater investigations to irrigation and water supply to environmental water management. In the last decade he has come to specialise in transboundary waters and was the global Coordinator of the Shared Waters Programme for the UNDP, based in New York. He has worked extensively on transboundary water issues, focusing on instituting IWRM at national and transboundary levels, and on the application of law and international conventions. Much of the last fifteen years he has led international, multidisciplinary teams on a range of major projects in water sector strategies and other forms of large scale planning, at national and at river basin level, as well as in capacity building in the water sector.